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welcome to our wedding list

'Our Wedding List' allows you to create a secure, online wedding list, or gift registry of the gifts that you and your partner desire.

Registration is quick and easy, and is currently free.

It takes just three simple steps to create an online list that you can circulate to your family and friends.

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1. Create an account by entering some basic details about yourself, partner and the wedding.

2. Enter your gifts that you would like others to purchase for you. You may amend this list at any time.

3. Circulate your list to your family and friends.

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Once created, all your family and friends can access the list immediately, and reserve the gifts that they wish to purchase for you. They will be able to see the description, price, quantity, supplier details, and (optionally) an image of the gift item.

Your guests can select multiple items from your wedding gift list, or even split existing items allowing other guests to purchase the remainder. Once items are selected, they cannot be chosen again. Your guests will be sent an email to assist them in their purchase, and you will receive emails at regular intervals so that you are kept up to date with who has reserved what.

Your account will remain active for 90 days after your wedding, which will give your guests time to finish selecting their gifts, and to allow you the opportunity to thank those that have purchased items for you.

Unlike other online registries, the suppliers of your gifts are down to you, we are not affiliated to any supplier, and don't insist that your wedding gift items come from one particular source, in fact they don't even have to be online. The wedding gifts are not purchased through the site itself, but you can link to online merchants if you wish. You can have a look at the features of the site by clicking on the 'Help' button above.

Gone are the traditional paper lists, and at long last you are not going to end up with the obligatory 5 toasters!!

If you have found this site useful please support its development. Thank you.

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